How To Live An Organic Lifestyle

live organicWhat does living organic mean…

Basically, living an organic lifestyle means doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle while also trying to take care of the environment…

  • buy foods that are free from fertilizers and pesticides
  • you can live a more organic lifestyle in other ways too
    • you can use cleaning supplies that are made up of organic products
    • you can reduce the amount of waste you produce
    • find ways to travel around without leaving a huge carbon footprint

Ways To Start Living Organically

Purchase Organic Foods            how to become organic

  • Look for eggs that are certified organic and free range.
    • This means that the birds were not fed any type of hormones or antibiotics. And that the birds are not kept in tiny cages their whole lives, and are free to roam outside.
  • Choose meats and dairy products that are certified organic.
    • This means that the animals are not given any synthetic hormones or antibiotics and also live a free range life.
    • You can get most of your daily dose of vitamin D just by eating free range and grass fed meet.

Source Locally When Possible

Buying locally supports your local economy and it also reduces green house gasses because your food is local and not being shipped from out of state or even country.

  • Visit your local famers market and purchase from local organic farmers
  • Purchase fruit and veggie boxes from delivery services in your area
  • When it comes to meat and eggs, look for small farms in your area, some of which may be able to sell you fresh meat and eggs directly from the farm

where to buy organic      Cook Your Own Organic Meals

Its hard to find an organic restaurant depending on where you live. And you can never be sure where the ingredients on your plate have come from unless you have purchased and prepared them yourself. If you really want to live a completely organic lifestyle, avoid eating out as much as possible.

  • If you do choose to go out to eat, try to limit the amount of times to maybe just special occasions.
  • When you do go out, try to choose places that promote the use of organic ingredients.
  • But be sure to research the restaurant first to be sure they are truly using organic ingredients.

Grow Your Own Organic Garden

Starting up an organic garden will save you money because you will only have to purchase the basic supplies to start a garden (mainly seeds) and it will provide you with plenty of  fruits and vegetables that will keep you healthy.

  • A small 5 foot by 5 foot garden will provide enough space to grow all the vegetables one person could eat
  • Or a small window box can grow a few herbs or vegetables to supplement your meals

Choose To Use Environmentally Safe Products Or Make Your Own

  • To choose safer cleaning products, look for products that don’t include phosphates and phthalates
  • Or you can stick to natural cleaning and disinfectant products you probably have at home already
    • baking soda
    • lemon juice
    • salt
    • white vinegar

best organic products     These can all be used to clean most parts of your home just as effectively and much more safely than some of the better known products on the market.

Choose To Purchase Hygiene And Beauty Products That Are Made Of Natural Ingredients

  • look for products that are made up of mostly natural ingredients
    • soaps that are made up of pure essential oils or other natural oils such as jojoba, olive or coconut oil
    • and are free of harsh chemicals and sulfates

Look For Alternative Means Of Transportation

  • walk
  • ride your bike
  • take the bus or subway
  • car pool